Modern technology and rapid globalization has created a massive higher education opportunities for students in countries around the world. More students are looking for quality education outside their home country for life changing career advantage. This constant development within international education allows great career pathways. As a result, the student flexibility has increased quickly. While seeking information for higher education, they usually suffer from indecision those results in confusion and lack of precision. Students who do not think and look seriously often end up in courses, institutions or countries that might not be best for the student. Minding these certainties we, ‘Visa Republic Center’- are working closely with students and international universities maximizing communication opportunities.

It all started when Visa Republic Centre’s Chairman, Mr. Samial Hasan Khan returned to Bangladesh upon graduating from Central Queensland University, Sydney Australia and started the business on his own in 2012. Visa Republic Centre represents more than 20 recognized foreign universities and educational institutions world-wide. Visa Republic has a professional & experienced team of visa coordinators and they work with the student and his/her family to put together the papers in a way that provides a secure possibility of success with the visa. Moreover, Visa Republic assists the students in arranging with on-campus, off-campus and temporary accommodation. It also coordinates Airport pickups for the students with the University. It is Visa Republic’s aim to work with reputed institutions which ensures that we can offer better options to our students.